WHS and Environmental Communications

To ensure easy identification of how important WHS and Environmental Communications are the following three templates are used:

1. Alert (Red) – Most Important – Immediate attention required

This notification follows an incident or significant event that requires everyone to immediately check that something similar can't occur on or around their works. It could require a special meeting to communicate.

2. Bulletin (Yellow) – Important – Communicated at next meeting (pre-start/toolbox)

This contains important information for changes that have been made or are being made that could affect anyone here at the Port. It can be used to communicate new controls and to raise awareness.

3. Information (Green) – Least important – Meeting/email/noticeboard.

Certain notifications will be area specific such as ‘Mines’ or ‘Rail’. When the notification is specific the target area will be identified in the title.

15-01 HSEQ Bulletin Lightning Safety

15-03 HSEQ Info Speed Limits Within the Port

15-05 HSEQ Info Load Restraint Requirements

15-06 HSEQ Info Test & Tagging Requirements

15-07 HSEQ Bulletin Roller door damage while using forklift

15-08 HSEQ Bulletin Preventing Plant & Equipment Damage

15-09 HSEQ Info Preventing Spread of Colds & Flu

15-10 HSEQ Bulletin Hypodermic needle found on work site

15-11 HSEQ Bulletin Disposal of Used Oil Spill Absorbent

15-13 HSEQ Bulletin Fitness for Duty - Drugs & Alcohol

15-14 HSEQ Bulletin Rail Level Crossing - Gate 4

16-03 Re-issue HSEQ Info Which MWPA Induction is Required

16-04 HSEQ Bulletin PPE - Port Requirements

16-05 HSEQ Bulletin - Hypodermic Needle Found

16-06 HSEQ Bulletin – Permit to Work Procedure

16-07 HSEQ Info – CBH Trucking Operations

16-08 HSEQ Bulletin – SL04 and CV03-CV04 Projects

16-09 HSEQ Bulletin – Rail Shutdown Notice

17-11 HSEQ Bulletin Drone Operations Over Port Lands & Waters

18-03 HSEQ Information - Operating MWPA Access Gates With Card or Remote