Fishing Boat Harbour pen fees to match market rate

Published: Tuesday, 7 November 2017 at 2:28:13 PM

Geraldton Fishing Boat Harbour Pen Fees to Match Market Rate

Mid West Ports Authority has announced they will be incrementally increasing pen fees at the Fishing Boat Harbour (Geraldton) to align with charges at Batavia Coast Marina (Geraldton).

The increase in pen fees will be effective from January 2018 and will be based on pen length as opposed to the current method of vessel length. Mid West Ports will be phasing the market rate charges in over three calendar years.

The Fishing Boat Harbour (FBH) pen fees will progressively rise from $303/metre of vessel length/annum to $544/metre of pen length/annum.

Historically Mid West Ports has run its Fishing Boat Harbour at a loss and this loss has been cross subsidised by revenue generated by the main shipping harbour.  To achieve a commercial break even position, Mid West Ports will increase pen fees to align with those being charged at Batavia Coast Marina, with the first increase effective 1 January 2018.

The Fishing Boat Harbour includes pens, walkways, jetties, wharfs, lease sites, roads and carparks and aims to operate on a cost recovery basis.

A significant package of works is scheduled to be undertaken on FBH assets over the coming years. This work includes the 2016/17 project to upgrade Connell Road and adjacent carpark ($1.31m), the demolition & construction of new pens at South Pens 2 ($1.7m) and completed upgrades to the walkways in south pens. Works to be undertaken between 2018 and 2021 include upgrades to the main wharf, short service jetty, north pens & walkways, demolition of fisheries pens, upgrades to FBH toilets and refurbishment of rock walls. These planned projects are estimated to cost an additional $5.21m. 

“The Mid West Ports board has set out to ensure port charges are more closely aligned with user pays principles, that the Geraldton Fishing Boat Harbour is accounted for separately and that a break-even target is reached”, Mid West Ports Authority CEO Peter Klein stated.

“During 2017, we have focussed on planning initiatives to create and sustain a high performing organisation.  The finalisation and embedding of identified initiatives is continuing, but in the meantime the Fishing Boat Harbour pen fee increase is an important step in securing the long term sustainability of our organisation”.

The Mid West Ports Authority is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister for Transport. Mid West Ports controls port operations at Geraldton and its purpose is to facilitate trade and to enable regional prosperity.  MWPA is responsible for the safe, secure, efficient and environmentally friendly operation of the port.

The current services to the FBH users will continue and these include the provision of mooring pens, water, electricity, waste oil and rubbish collection, car parking, surveillance and security patrols.

The Fishing Boat Harbour is situated to the west of the commercial shipping harbour.  At present, there are approximately 156 pens which generally accommodate boats from 8-23 metres.

For further information, contact:

Peter Klein
Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (08) 9964 0520

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