Cattle Operations through Geraldton Port

To assist with safe and efficient cattle loading operations through Geraldton Port, the Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) have developed this helpful guide for Shipping Agents to assist them in managing the loading operations. 

MWPA acknowledge that our processes and procedures vary to that of other ports in the State, but believe that our site requirements fit with MWPAs Policy to place the highest emphasis on health and safety in conducting our daily business.  With this in mind, we would ask you to ensure the following items are addressed before mobilising to site. 

  1. All personnel required to enter Geraldton Port must have completed a current HSEQ online induction
  1. All personnel required to enter the Geraldton Port secure zone must hold a valid Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC). All MSIC cards are required to be ‘activated’ for access to the Geraldton Port. This can be achieved by completing the following application form and forwarding form to
  1. Personnel required to enter the Port who do not possess a current MSIC are able to enter the Port strictly under escort of a current active MSIC holder. This requires the MSIC holder to present to the MSIC office or Security Gatehouse (Gate 1) along with the person to be escorted with photographic identification. This process must be completed before heavy vehicles access the immediate Port precinct. This will ensure Port roads are not compromised with large stationary heavy vehicles. Please telephone the MSIC Officer for advice on 9964 0582. 
  1. A traffic management plan must be submitted to ensure the safety of all stakeholders accessing the Port boundaries. This plan, once approved, must be conveyed to and understood by all personnel required to enter Geraldton Port. The form is to be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the operation commencing. Assistance in completion of this form can be obtained by calling 9964 0520 and requesting to speak with one of MWPA OSH Officers.
    Download HSE-PRO-018/FRM01 Traffic Management Plan (template)
  1. Geraldton Port’s PPE requirements may differ from other locations and therefore it is essential personnel who intend accessing the Port are aware of these. Site access will not be granted to any personnel who fail to comply. These requirements are identified in the HSEQ online induction or for more information please refer to Procedure HSE-PRO-024 Personal Protective Equipment. The Contractor Handbook also contains significant information for Port workers. 
  1. It is also advised contractors conduct a prestart meeting for personnel intending to enter the Port prior to arriving on site to ensure all the points indicated previously have been addressed.

It is our intention to assist you where possible to ensure your loading operations are carried out efficiently and safely whilst adhering to Mid West Ports Authority’s procedures.