Commercial Port Fees & Charges

Schedule of Tariffs 2018/19

Information current as at 1 July 2018.

Ships in Port loading will be charged tariffs applicable from their date of departure. All tariffs are inclusive of GST.

This information is also available in PDF format below for download and printing:

Commercial Port Fees & Charges 2018/19

Port of Geraldton

Wharfage Charges – all berths
Wharfage Per tonne or cubic meter $2.1531
Wharfage for fuel discharge (includes firefighting) $3.8318
Minimum Wharfage Per vessel $6,314.13
Wharf Sweeper Per hour Price on application
Wharf Wash Price on application
Ship Charges – all berths
Ship Charge – General Per gross registered tonne $3.4159
Ship Charge –
Passenger vessel berthed
22.5% of standard
Ship Charge –
Passenger vessel at anchor
16.5% of standard
Shift Ship Charge per movement excluding towage $0.2184
Ship Loading Charges
Berth 4 Per tonne $4.9698
Berth 5 $5.5873
Rail Terminal Charges
Train Unloading Charge Per tonne $1.8872
Rail Terminal Access Fee Per train $601.70
Fuel Pipeline Charge
Fuel Pipeline Charge Per tonne $0.2174
Berth Hire Charge
All vessels at berth when not loading or unloading Per hour $258.88
Shore Tension Unit Charge
Shore Tension Unit Charge –
Per gross registered tonne per unit $0.1333
Shore Tension Unit Charge –
Passenger vessel
Not applicable

Fishing Boat Harbour Charges

Fishing Boat Harbour Charges
Pen Fee – Annual Per meter of pen length $480.85
Pen Fee – Days 1 to 30 $3.51
Pen Fee – Days 31 to 90 $2.32
Pen Fee – Days 91 and over $1.18
Short Service Jetty/Wharf –
Days 1 to 7
Per meter of vessel
length per day
Short Service Jetty/Wharf –
Days 8 to 20
Short Service Jetty/Wharf –
Days 21 and over

Storage and miscellaneous charges

Temporary Storage – Laydown Area Charges
Laydown Area Charge Per square meter per week Price on application
Miscellaneous Charges
Commonwealth and Australian Defence Vessels Price on application
Freshwater Per kilolitre $3.7044 (GST free)
Mooring Cancellations Per cancellation $1,294.13
Berth 4 or 5 stevedoring labour not used (but booked) due to fault of vessel Per hour $364.10
Pilot boat hire outside normal shipping movements $1,294.13
Pilotage detention or cancellation $1,294.13
Enviroboat $352.66
2 tonne forklift $58.25
8 tonne forklift $141.48
16 tonne forklift $211.18
80ft EWP $141.48
Franna crane $281.92
Stands, steps and race $171.64
Stands and steps Per 8 hour shift $187.25
Gangway brow $281.92