Geraldton Port Maximisation Project (PMaxP)

On Friday 13th May 2022, the State Government announced major funding approval of $332M for Mid West Ports Authority’s (MWPA) PMaxP which will enable the Port to facilitate a significant increase in demand in the region.


PMaxP is a major infrastructure project at the Geraldton Port in response to a significant projected throughput increase from 15MT to around 25MT per annum over the next 10 years. 

The new trade forecasted will consist of multi-products, delivered by numerous new customers, none of which can currently be catered for. 

The expansion will be executed over the next 4 years, with regional benefits including continued economic growth, trade diversification and improved resilience price fluctuation impacts of any one commodity.

Project Outline

PMaxP caters to the acceleration of customer projects bringing forward the infrastructure investment anticipated by the Port Master Plan (PMP).

Geraldton Port is now at full storage capacity.  All new trade delivered over the last couple of years has taken existing idle storage capacity.

PMaxP will address the need for additional multi user storage and rebuilding of Berth 1/2 facilities for new commodities such as urea, silica sands and spodumene, which are not compatible with iron ore to avoid cross-contamination.

Projected new trade is expected to be from 11 new customers and is a diverse product mix that will be supported through a combination of debottlenecking and new infrastructure most notably the following:

  • demolition and reconstruction of the berth 1/2 with associated ship loading and material handling infrastructure, to facilitate the sand, urea and spodumene products, that are incompatible with iron ore and requires dedicated facilities;
  • the removal of unused legacy assets which currently inhibit port expansion opportunities;
  • 2 Truck unloaders (one with an associated storage shed to enable the assembly of cargoes);
  • the relocation of the tug boat harbour (current tug boat harbour can only accommodate the current 3 tugs);
  • the relocation of pilot boats and associated land based workshop/offices;
  • rationalisation of port infrastructure to reduce operational maintenance costs;
  • road works (to facilitate the significant increase in truck movements); and
  • other associated infrastructure, such as additional vessels, operations precinct, maintenance facilities and shore tension units.

Facilitating an additional 10MTpa of throughput at MWPA will result in $840M in additional tax and dividends, and an estimated $720M of royalties delivered to the State over the next 10 year period.  Considerable regional job growth, economic growth, industry and community confidence will directly benefit as a result.

Key Facts

  • 67% projected increase of throughput within 10 years;
  • $350M project funded over 4 years by the State government (including $18M design funding previously approved);
  • $1.56B in additional tax, dividends and royalties to the State over the next 10 years;
  • 11 new customers expected to come online in the next 10 years;
  • Geraldton Port currently at full storage capacity;
  • Key components include: berth upgrades, storage facilities and materials handling system, road transport infrastructure, marine assets and supporting infrastructure;
  • Focus on storage and loading infrastructure of exports from Berths 4 & 5 and the reinstatement of Berth 1/2;
  • Multi-user facilities will allow MWPA to better meet future trade needs; and
  • Projects are in alignment with the 2020 Geraldton Port Master Plan.

Future tenders 

Potential suppliers wishing to express interest in upcoming tenders for the PMaxP Project are encouraged to fill out the online application form below.

For further enquiries, please contact the MWPA Procurement Team on

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