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Berth Accommodation (summary of berths)



Berth 3 Specifications

Berth 4 Specifications

Berth 5 Specifications

Berth 6 Specifications

Berth 7 Specifications

Other Geraldton Port facilities include:

Towage services (tug boats)


Berth Accommodation

Depths alongside berths as per the latest Local Marine Notice.

Berth 1 50m Available for use subject to MWPA review and approval
Berth 2 225m 33m Available for use subject to MWPA review and approval
Berth 3 230m 34m Grain, Layup outside Grain Season, Import minerals (self-discharge vessels), Longer for Cruise Ships
Berth 4 225m 33m Minerals, Longer for Cruise Ships
Berth 5 230m 34m Iron Ore, Longer for Cruise Ships
Berth 6 190m 33m General, Livestock, Fertiliser, Minerals, Fuel. Break bulk cargo. Rotainer operations, Longer for Cruise Ships
Berth 7 235m 38m Iron Ore
Harbour Basin

For information regarding the latest declared depths refer to Local Marine Notices

Berth 3

Berth 3 is used for grain handling services.

  • Two wharf gantries each with a capacity of 1,000 tonnes per hour.
  • Gantry Traverse 167 metres
  • Air draft - 14.5m over Lat
Controlled by Co-Operative Bulk Handling Ltd.
Contact Duncan Gray
Position Zone Manager
Phone (08) 9921 9499

Grain Storage Capacity

Vertical Cells 200,000 tonnes
Annexe 90,000 tonnes
West End Depot 326,000 tonnes
Open storage bulkheads (if required) 54,000 tonnes
Total Storage Capacity 670,000 tonnes

Grain Gross Ship Loading Rates

Wheat 1,000 tonnes per hour/per gantry
Barley 800 tonnes per hour/per gantry
Oats 700 tonnes per hour/per gantry
Lupins 1,000 tonnes per hour/per gantry
Canola 800 tonnes per hour/per gantry

Full holds are untrimmed unless trimming machine used at 100 tonnes per hour.

Berth 4

Berth 4 is used for handling of minerals.

One Wharf Gantry - shiploader capacity 1,600tph
Air draft 15m over Lat

Shiploader Dimensions

Boom fully retracted, from fenders to product drop 7.6m
Boom fully extended, from fenders to product drop 18.3m
Long traverse 180m

Shiploader Attachments Available

  • Articulated chute
  • HDPE Concentrate chute
  • Cascade chute

Berth 5

Berth 5 is used for handling of Iron Ore.

One Wharf Gantry 5,000tph
Air draft 17m over Lat
Long traverse 185m
Chute fully retracted, from fenders to product drop 9.3m
Chute fully extended, from fenders to product drop 22.1m

Shiploader Attachments Available:

  • Iron Ore chute with water sprays

Berth 6

Berth 6 is a general purpose berth used for livestock, fertiliser, fuel, with a rotainer crane owned and operated by Qube.

Berth 7

Berth 7 is used for Iron Ore services.

Owned and operated by Karara Mining Pty Ltd.
Contact George Savell
Position Regional Operations Manager
Mobile 0458 002 239

Specifications and Dimensions

Shiploader luffing/slewing type loader with fixed chute on boom conveyor
One Wharf Gantry 5,000 tph
Air draft 18 m over Lat
Log traverse 196m

Shiploader Attachments Available

  • Iron Ore chute with water sprays and fogging device

Mooring on Berth 7

Berth 7 commenced operational services in October 2012 for panamax Iron Ore vessels port side alongside.

The total mooring line plan requires six headlines and six stern lines plus two reverse springs fore and two aft. i.e. six and two at each end.

Note: Berth 7 ships can only berth surge events up to 8 cm however once alongside can remain so during surge up to 12cm.


Ships power is available at all berths.

Berth 4 electricity supply (West End Only)

  • Three phase 440 volts AC 50 Hertz & Single Phase 250 volts AC 50 Hertz
  • Berth and access lighting is provided throughout the wharf area


Fresh water is available at all berths except Berth 7.

Information for Vessels Alongside Berth

Vessel Handout MWPA

Mission to Seafarers – Information Regarding Mission to Seafarers Services

Mission to Seafarers Status

Average water loading rate 17tph

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