Fishing Boat Harbour

The Fishing Boat Harbour (FBH) is situated to the west of the commercial shipping harbour.

Fishing Boat Harbour Channel

Navigable depths in the FBH range between 3.0m and 7.5m (LAT). There is a 3.0m shoal which is NOT marked or identified by an AToN.

Depths shallower than 3.0m can be expected close to embankments, wharfs, pilons, jettys and other structures.

A PDF version of the hydrographic survey July 2019 is available on the ports website (for reference only, not to be used for navigation).

Vessels with drafts deeper than 3.5 metres require written permission from the Harbour Master.

The standard maximum size vessel permitted in the FBH is 35m LOA. Vessels exceeding 35m LOA require written permission from the Harbour Master.

Fishermen's Wharf

The Fishermen’s Wharf consists of a main wharf approximately 98 metres in length, a fuel berth of approximately 55 metres and a service jetty 72 metres north of the wharf (which is currently condemned and unavailable for use). Depths of water alongside wharf vary from 1.5 metres to in excess of 4 metres. Water points, electric power, fueling points and lighting is provided.

Berthage alongside fuel facilities is only permitted during refuelling.

Note: Berthage charges may apply; refer to 'Fishing Boat Harbour Charges' below.

The Long Service Jetty is currently out of service. Access to this jetty by shore or by boat including mooring of vessels is prohibited unless specifically authorised until further notice.

Diesel Refueling Facility

A Bailey's Marine Fuel card operated diesel fueling facility is located on the Fishermen's Wharf, with four pump outlets spread along the wharf.

The facility is owned by the MWPA and leased to Bailey's Marine Fuels Australia.

Diesel Refueling Facility Manager Bailey's Marine Fuels Australia
Phone 1300 224 539

Tami Lift Facilities and Hard Stand Areas

Two (2) Tami Lift and hard stand facilities are available:

  • 1 x 50 tonne lifter and hard stand - Geraldton Fishermen's Co-Operative Ltd - (08) 9965 9500; and
  • 1 x 80 tonne lifter and hard stand - Geraldton Boat Lifters Ltd - (08) 9964 4575

Small Craft Facilities

In the FBH area are boat repair yards, marine provision stores, marine electricians, mechanical and hydraulic repair services.

Fishing Boat Harbour Charges

The Fishermen’s Wharf and Short Service Jetty are available for short term use.

The Long Service Jetty is a private jetty and should not be used without approval from the licensee. Call Trade 08 9938 0412 for all enquiries.

Charges apply to periods in excess of one calendar day, regardless of arrival and departure time. MWPA monitor wharf and jetty usage.

For further details and information on Fishing Boat Harbour charges, services and vessel accommodation facilities, please contact the Mid West Ports Authority Operations Area on (08) 9964 0510.

Fishing Boat Harbour Charges

Pen Size / Payment Options

3 days

7 Days

30 Days

90 Days




































































The availability of a pen is strictly at the discretion of MWPA. There shall be no guarantee of position and MWPA may require you to move pens to accommodate us from time to time.

Wharf & Short Term Jetty:

Price on Application.

Trading Terms:

*    Payment by credit card on application of pen

**   Annual fees shall be paid within 14 days of issuing. Fees that are not paid within the trading terms shall be recalculated to the actual duration paid.

Scheduled Rates:

Potential port users may direct any further queries in relation to scheduled standard and miscellaneous port charges to our Trade Department.

08 9964 0520

Fishing Boat Harbour Pen Plan

Mooring Pens (Permanent and Short Term)

At present 156 pens are situated along the North and North West Breakwater, South and South East side of the Fishing Boat Harbour. These pens will generally accommodate boats from 8 metres to 23 metres overall, with a draft not exceeding 2 metres.

Maximum size 35 metres at maximum draft of 3.8 metres. For vessels operating at drafts in excess of 3.2 metres tidal information is available from the Harbour Master. Attention is drawn to maximum draft parameters published by the Mid West Ports Authority and amended from time to time.

Priority to pens is given to commercial fishing vessels. Private vessels may be allocated a pen if one is available, however they risk having this pen taken back should it be required for a commercial vessel.

Private vessels are permanently catered for at the Department of Transport Marina and the Geraldton Yacht Club pens in the Batavia Coast Marina.

Batavia Coast Marina information

Mooring pens are in high demand for both Long Term (i.e. permanent) and Short Term; bookings are essential. For queries in relation to pen availability please contact Mid West Ports Authority Reception on (08) 9964 0520.

Application for Pen Licence (including terms and conditions)

Schedule of Tariffs (refer to 'Pen Fees')

Fishing Boat Harbour Pen Plan

Notice to Surrender Pen Licence

Fishing Boat Harbour