Geraldton Port responds to COVID-19

Mid West Ports Authority have implemented industry best practices

Since the commencement of Covid-19, Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) have implemented industry best practice in screening processes for all vessels (cargo or cruise) arriving to Geraldton Port and have been at the forefront of the conversation since the first concern was raised. We are also following all WA Health Directions relating to Exposed Port Worker Vaccinations and the restrictions on access to the Port and our offices contained in these. 

The safety of our staff, stakeholders and the Mid West community is our highest priority and we take our obligations in reducing exposure of the COVID-19 virus extremely seriously.

MWPA is continuing to work closely with our stakeholders and Government and will continue to implement biosecurity and health measures over and above required Standards.

Social distancing 
In the interest of public health and safety, and to assist in reducing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19),  MWPA have implemented social distancing measures within the port and our offices where practicable. Our office as Marine Terrace, Chapman Road and West Perth remain open at this time. 

Exposed Port Worker and Booster Directions

WA Health have issued a number of Port Worker and Exposed Port Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions under the Public Health Act 2016 (WA).  These have been implemented across the Port and MWPA Offices with access now limited only to those who have had the required vaccinations under the directions.

On 24 December, 2021, the Acting Chief Health Officer and Emergency Officer signed the Booster Vaccination (Restrictions on Access) Directions.  Continued access to the Port will be dependent upon persons receiving their Booster shot within the time frames (5,4 & 3 months) set in the directions.  Contractors, stakeholders and staff have been informed of these time frames and requirements.


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Geraldton Port snapshot

MWPA have put several protocols and procedures in place to help protect and reduce exposure to staff, stakeholders and our wider community.

Take a look at a snapshot of some of the actions MWPA have put in place:

Protocols for arriving vessels What MWPA are doing

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