Cattle Operations at Geraldton Port

To assist with safe and efficient cattle loading operations through Geraldton Port, the Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) have developed this helpful guide for Shipping Agents to assist them in managing the loading operations.

MWPA acknowledge that our processes and procedures vary to that of other ports in the state, but feel that our site requirements fit with MWPA’s Policy to place the highest emphasis on health and safety in conducting our daily business. With this in mind we would ask you to ensure the following items are addressed before mobilising to site:

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Mid West Ports Authority

Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) is governed by the Board of Directors appointed by the Minister for Transport. MWPA manage the following ports:

  • the port of Geraldton and the proposed port of Oakajee which are governed by the Port Authorities Act 1999; and
  • the privately owned ports of Cape Cuvier and Useless Loop which are governed by the Department of Transport.

The Geraldton Port is located in the heart of the city of Geraldton. Geraldton is 424 kilometres north of Perth, 1,340 kilometres south of Port Hedland and 990 kilometres west of Kalgoorlie.

Geraldton Port has created somewhat of a niche market for the export of iron ore in smaller ships to shallow draft ports in China. Geraldton Port is able to cater for ships up to Panamax size with a 12.8m draft and a maximum cargo capacity of up to 66,000 tonnes. The proximity of Geraldton to Asia has also made the Port an attractive option for exporters.

MWPA has seven berths used for the following purposes:

  • Berth 1 - no infrastructure and used for mooring of small vessels;
  • Berth 2 - no infrastructure with a multi-purpose/general cargo use;
  • Berth 3 - shiploader operated by Co-Operative Bulk Handling dedicated to loading of grain;
  • Berth 4 - shiploader operated by MWPA dedicated to loading of talc, mineral sands, zinc, copper, garnet and other minerals;
  • Berth 5 - shiploader operated by MWPA dedicated to loading of iron ore;
  • Berth 6 - no infrastructure utilised and used for fertilizers and mineral sands imports, fuel, Rotainer loading, general cargo & livestock;
  • Berth 7 - shiploader operated by Karara Mining Ltd dedicated to loading iron ore.

One of the Geraldton Port's greatest strengths is its diversity. In addition to catering for exports of grains, minerals & livestock and imports of fertiliser, mineral sands, project/general cargo & fuels the Port welcomes cruise ships, oil rig tenders and many different exhibition craft. The Port also supports Geraldton's lucrative fishing industry, providing berthing facilities, maintenance, waste disposal and security services to the Fishing Boat Harbour.

Furthermore, MWPA acts as a landlord by leasing or licencing the land comprising the Port of Geraldton and the proposed port of Oakajee to customers for many purposes such as construction of facilities to store products awaiting export, construction of infrastructure to enable receival of products or for smaller facilities in the Fishing Boat Harbour to support the marine industry.

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