Fuel Transfer (Bunkering)

Main Harbour: Fuel Transfer / Bunkering Arrangements

Non-exclusive bunkering services licences are issued to fuel companies who provide refueling services at Geraldton Port.

Customers and service providers who need to refuel vessels in the main harbour must use a licensed provider.

Non-exclusive bunkering services licences have been issued to the following companies:

GE Group Australia Pty Ltd

Address 94 Flores Road, GERALDTON WA 6530
Phone (08) 9921 1605
Contact Deanne Watts
Phone 0428 359 459

Fuelfix Pty Ltd

Fuelfix Administration Office
Address 14 Allen Street, GERALDTON WA 6530
Phone (08) 9921 0404
Fuelfix after hours contact
Contact Andrew Ivory
Phone 0448 918 335

Veolia Environmental Services

Administration Office Details
Address 15 Landfill Lane, Narngulu
Phone 132 955
After Hours/Emergency Contact
Contact Emma Gurden
Phone 0437 755 385

For enquiries relating to companies wishing to become a non-exclusive bunkering service provider at Geraldton Port, please contact MWPA’s Commercial department via phone 08 9964 0520 or email [email protected].

Fuel Transfer / Bunkering Permit

A permit application form must be lodged with MWPA at least 48 hours (or 2 business days) prior to any planned bunkering activity (for diesel or heavy oils).

Form F3.6a Fuel Transfer (Bunkering) Permit and Procedure 3.6 Bunkering by Road Tanker Procedure can be found on the Permit System page.

View Permit System Page

All queries in relation to the Permit System should be directed to the MWPA Duty Wharf Supervisor on (08) 9964 0510.