Fishing Boat Harbour Specifications

The Fishing Boat Harbour is situated to the west of the commercial shipping harbour.

The maximum specifications of vessels entering the fishing boat harbour are below. Persons seeking to enter the fishing boat harbour with vessels exceeding these maximum specifications must contact Mid West Ports Authority to obtain permission.

Maximum Length

35 meters

Maximum Draft

3.5 meters

For vessels operating at drafts exceeding 3.2 meters, please contact MWPA for advice on entry into the Fishing Boat Harbour.

Draft parameters in the Fishing Boat Harbour can change over time due to sand siltation.  If advice is required, contact MWPA.

Tidal information is available online at the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Navigational Depths in Channel

3.0 meters to 7.5 meters (LAT)

Shallower depths can be expected close to embankments, wharfs, pylons, jetty’s and other structures.

Hydrographic Survey

The hydrographic survey of the fishing boat harbour is available here.

The hydrographic survey provides guidance only and should not be relied on for navigational purposes.

South pens with many fishing boats berthed.

FBH Pen Specifications

The Fishing Boat Harbour has 147 permanent and short-term pens situated to the north west and south east sides of the Fishing Boat Harbour. 

Vessels must comply with the specifications below.

Maximum Length

25 meters

Maximum Beam

6.5 meters (widest single pen)

Wider vessels can be accommodated in dual pens or in an open pen subject to availability.

Maximum Draft

3.0 meters

Certain pens experience depths as shallow as 1.5m.

Maximum Tonnage

35 tonnes (unless approved by MWPA)

View of large fishing boats lined up along main wharf.

Wharf Specifications

The wharf is located on the west side of the Fishing Boat Harbour and is available for short stay to load and fuel vessels. Vessels on the wharf MUST NOT be left unattended unless approval has been given by MWPA.

Water points, electric power, fuelling points and lighting is provided.

Vessels should be manned at all times, unless prior approval has been sort by MWPA.

Wharf Length

153 meters


1.5 meters to > 4 meters

Maximum Tonnage

200 tonnes

Vessels exceeding the maximum tonnage are not permitted to moor along the Wharf.

Overhead view of Fishing Boat Harbour with 3 fingers of pens mostly full of boats.