Apply to Develop

To enable the Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) to effectively perform its functions, the Port Authorites Act 1999 provides it with powers.

These include the power to:

  • Manage, improve and develop real or personal property vested in it or acquired by it or arrange for property to be managed, improved or developed.
  • Carry out port works or arrange for port works to be carried out.
  • Provide, manage and operate port facilities or arrange for port facilities to be provided, managed and operated. In short, MWPA is responsible for overseeing development that occurs on land that it owns or manages.

MWPA's Development Guidelines and FBH Development Guidelines have been prepared to assist anyone who wishes to develop on any land or water vested in the Port reservation that is managed by MWPA. 

MWPA is currently the manager of all land and waters contained within Reserve 25300, which includes:

  • 83.05 hectares (ha) of land comprising the Port of Geraldton, including the main commercial harbour, Fishing Boat Harbour and various lots south of Marine Terrace;
  • 180.11 ha of coastal land at Oakajee; and
  • Waters extending approximately 7.5 kilometres (km) west from a line parallel to the Point Moore Lighthouse, then approximately 36.5 km to the north (28,893 ha in total).

The extents of the MWPA managed land and waters are shown on Deposited Plan 410027, included as shown in the Guidelines.

MWPA also owns three lots immediately south of the Port in freehold title, totalling approximately 6.05 ha in area. These lots are also shown in the Deposited Plan in Figure 2.

For further information please email: [email protected]