View of Fishing Boat Harbour from the south.

FBH Facilities

A number of facilities are available for commercial and recreational vessels in the fishing boat harbour. These facilities are outlines below.

Electricity and Water

240-volt single phase electricity and mains water are supplied to all pens and are located on the landings at the front of each pen.

Electricity and water outlets are also located along the Wharf.

To ensure safe connection, pen holders MUST use a IP56 rated 3-pin plug (dustproof and weatherproof to heavy seas force) when connecting to the electricity.


Public restroom facilities are located in Connell Road car park, adjacent to the Wharf.

The pens are also serviced by private restrooms located on the east side of the car park, adjacent to the third finger of the South Pens. The access code is C6530X and turn handle to the left.

Waste Disposal

It is the responsibility of Fishing Boat Harbour users to manage their own waste. MWPA have a number of bins located around the Fishing Boat Harbour for general waste. Large items MUST NOT be discarded in these bins i.e. no white goods, furniture or waste that requires special disposal.

Oil disposal areas are located on the main wharf and the east side of the fishing boat harbour. These bins are for the use of the vessels only. No household or commercial oils should be disposed in these receptacles.

Vessel Supplies

Marine supplies and equipment can be purchased from the Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative Marine Store located at 61-67 Connell Road, West End.


A Bailey's Marine Fuel card operated diesel fuel facility is located on the Wharf, with four pump outlets spread along the Wharf.

For queries regarding the fuel facilities, please contact Bailey’s Marine.

Facility Manager

Bailey’s Marine Fuels Australia


1300 224 539


[email protected]



Lifts and Hardstands

Two lift and hardstand facilities are located in the fishing boat harbour area. These are not operated my Mid West Ports Authority.

80 tonne lift and hardstand

Facility Manager

Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative


08 9965 9045

200 tonne lift and hardstand

Facility Manager

Geraldton Boat Lifters


0477 939 770