Who We Are

Located 420km north of Perth, Geraldton is the gateway to northern Western Australia. 

Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) provides an essential service, connecting regional Australia to national and international markets as a specialist port catering to boutique and diverse operations.

Port full of ships including 3 tug boats and a pilot boat


To be bold supply chain enablers for the sustainable future of regional Western Australia.


To provide sustainable gateways for trade and tourism.


Accountability, caring, courage, collaboration and integrity.

About Mid West Ports Authority

MWPA operates seven (7) commercial berths and critical marine and land assets which enables the facilitation of trade for the Mid West region, exporting a variety of products including iron ore, grains, mineral sands, non-mineral sands and mineral concentrates.  The Port also imports fuel, fertiliser and break bulk cargo.

Overview of port with 7 berth location pins

Berths 1 & 2 are currently non-operational due to their age and condition.

Berth 3 is a dedicated agri-bulk facility used by CBH to export grain.  On occasion it also hosts cruise ships.

Berth 4 is primarily used for the export mineral and non-mineral sands.

Berth 5 is primarily used for the export of iron ore.

Berth 6 is used primarily for importing; break bulk, fuel and fertiliser.

Berth 7 is a dedicated iron ore berth operated by Karara Mining.

In addition, MWPA is unique in that it also manages the Geraldton Fishing Boat Harbour (FBH), supporting the region's largest fishing industry,  Western Rock Lobster.  The FBH comprises of boat pens and a significant landholding with sites leased principally to businesses that support the local fishing and mining industry.  The harbour also supports tourist-based operations.

Overview of Fishing Boat Harbour area

For more detailed information on MWPA, please download our Annual Reports.