Stakeholder Consultation Committee

Stakeholder Consultation Committee

About Mid West Ports Authority 

Mid West Ports Authority operates as a Western Australian Government Trading Enterprise and has been overseeing safe, secure and efficient port operations and marine services in the Mid West region for 50 years.

Managing one of WAs most diverse operations in Geraldton Port, we cater for exports of grain, minerals and livestock, and imports of fertiliser, fuel and general cargo, while also welcoming cruise ships, oil rig tenders and many different expedition craft.

We also support the region’s large fishing industry, providing berthing facilities, maintenance, waste disposal and security to the commercial Fishing Boat Harbour.

Purpose of the SCC

The purpose of the Stakeholder Consultation Committee is to provide a forum for discussion between MWPA and representatives of the community and stakeholder groups on issues directly relating to the planning, operation and development activities of MWPA.

The Committee will inform the decision-making of MWPA through providing an advisory and consultative role, however it is not a decision-making committee.

The Objectives of the Stakeholder Consultation Committee are:

  • Establish good working relationships and promote and facilitate two-way communication and information sharing between MWPA, local community and stakeholder groups.
  • For MWPA to keep the community informed, consulted with and seek their views on projects and respond to matters raised by the community.
  • To allow local community and stakeholders groups to seek information from MWPA and provide feedback to MWPA on the development and implementation of:
    •  Strategic plans;
    • New and emerging projects;
    • Conditions of approval and management plans;
    • The results of any monitoring, annual reviews or independent audits;
    • Community concerns;
    • The resolution of community complaints; and
    • Any community initiatives or events.

Meeting minutes

2022 Minutes

SCC February 2022 Meeting Minutes

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Who is on the SCC?

The SCC is comprised of community residents and stakeholder group representatives (community, environment, Aboriginal or industry).

Local community representatives eligibility criteria:

  • Be current residents or landowners within the relevant Local Government Area;
  • Demonstrate involvement in local community groups and/or activities;
  • Have knowledge and awareness of MWPA and related issues of concern to the local community;
  • Be able to represent and communicate the interests of the affected local community;
  • Be willing to adhere to the Group’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Reference; and
  • Be willing to bear any costs associated with being a committee member.

Representatives of the stakeholder group must:

  • Be a member of a stakeholder group with an interest in MWPA activities;
  • Be able to represent and communicate the interest of the group or community;
  • Be willing to adhere to the Group’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Reference; and
  • Be willing to bear any costs associated with being a committee member

Term of appointment

The Term of Appointment for Committee members elected to represent the community or stakeholder groups is for 2 years.

Meeting frequency

The Committee will meet a minimum of four times a year, for a duration of two hours at a location relevant to the meeting.

Stakeholder Consultation Committee Nomination form

Nominations for the SCC have now closed.

Openings will be publicised on this page when available.

For enquiries, email

Community Consultation Committee Meeting

NOTE: the below Minutes are from the former Community Consultation Committee Meeting. This Committee then became the Stakeholder Consultation Committee.

Mid West Ports Authority and the City of Greater Geraldton

Minutes 001 - 15 April 2015

Minutes 002 - 16 June 2016

Minutes 003 - 1 December 2016