MWPA Community Grants Program

Community Grant Program

Note: Applications for the 2021-22 Mid West Ports Authority Community Grants Program are now closed.

About the program

Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) is committed to making a positive impact in the community and environment in which it operates.

MWPAs annual Community Grants Program supports local organisations and groups making a positive contribution to the community aligned with MWPAs organisational values.

Program details 

The Mid West Ports Authority Community Grants Program opens for applications on 1 March and closes 9am on 30 April each year.

Applicants will receive email notification of outcomes within 30 days of the grant round closing. MWPA receives many grant applications each year and unfortunately cannot support every submission.

Successful applications will be selected from those submissions which closely align with the MWPA grant criteria detailed below and which offer the opportunity for MWPA to be recognised as a valuable member of the community in which we live and work.

If you would like to be considered for the Mid West Ports Authority Community Grants Program, please tell us about your organisation and/or event, by completing the application form below.

To allow MWPA to fairly assess each application, the following guidelines have been provided to gauge if your submission fits within our sponsorship criteria.


MWPA will accept community grant applications from associated organisations to MWPA in the following categories:

  • Environmental improvement or protection initiatives;
  • Initiatives engaging the community in maritime based education or activities;
  • Community welfare programs;
  • Youth education or leadership programs aimed at giving young people opportunities for self-development and community outreach;
  • Community events providing engagement opportunities; or
  • Initiatives supporting and creating opportunity for indigenous

Application criteria 

Applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • Be deemed an associated organisation of MWPA by the Grants Committee;
  • No material conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest with MWPA;
  • Have all applicable insurances and certificates of currency of insurance;
  • Be connected to the region in which MWPA operates;
  • Provide community engagement opportunities for MWPA and promote our commitment to supporting the community;
  • Link to MWPAs values of accountability, caring, courage, collaboration and integrity;
  • Allow MWPA to promote grant recipients on our website, in the media and on social media; and
  • Agree to your records being kept as part of our record keeping and reporting obligations.

Applications supporting the criteria below will be favourable during the selection process:

  • MWPA will have opportunity to be involved in the initiative, event or program in a volunteering capacity or through educational
  • MWPA to have a representative at community events, presentations, media opportunities and /or  award ceremonies.

Applications WILL NOT be granted to the following:

  • Political parties/activities or religious organisations;
  • Activities intended to provide the sponsored party with private profit or gain;
  • Proposals involving products, brands or companies that conflict with the strategic direction, values or behaviours of MWPA;
  • Organisations that have not fulfilled previous grant agreements;
  • Retrospective funding;
  • Budget deficits, operating or administrative costs (e.g. wages);
  • Beauty contests / pageants;
  • Activities that promote or encourage gambling, drinking, smoking or any substance abuse;
  • Activities that may present a reputational risk for MWPA;
  • Applications that do not meet all application requirements; or
  • Applications received after the closing


MWPA will take all reasonable actions to respect and protect the confidentiality of information provided by applicants of the MWPA Community Grants Program, especially in cases where the application has been unsuccessful.

MWPA does reserves the right to use the information provided by the application for record keeping and reporting obligations.

By submitting the MWPA Community Grant application form, an applicant also agrees to its information being used and disclosed for the purposes of assessing its application and if successful, for the purpose of awarding a grant and relevant promotional activities.

Terms and conditions 

Before submitting your application, please read the Mid West Ports Authority Community Grants Program Terms and Conditions below.
Terms and Conditions

How to apply

You can submit your application during the opening period by filling out the online MWPA Community Grant Application Form.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Mid West Ports Authority regarding the eligibility of their application. Please email or alternatively telephone (08) 9964 0533.

Note:  Applications for the 2021-22 Mid West Ports Authority Community Grants Program are now closed.