FBH Development Plan

In March 2023, Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) launched the Geraldton Fishing Boat Harbour (FBH) Development Plan.

Offering a strategic direction for the long-term, sustainable growth of the FBH, this ambitious plan provides a vision for a number of key projects, such as land reclamation, breakwater construction to protect against coastal inundation, realignment of heavy and light transport corridors, relocation of key service precincts and assets, and expansion of public facilities.

Managed by MWPA, the FBH is a vital hub for the region's fishing industry.  

The FBH Development Plan presents an exciting opportunity for all stakeholders of the Fishing Boat Harbour, including the broader Geraldton community.  Improved facilities and a more logical grouping of activities will lead to greater efficiencies and activation, benefitting all involved.

Following the development of the Geraldton Port Master Plan in 2020, and the subsequent commencement of the implementation of the Port Maximisation Project (PMaxP) in 2022, it became clear that a more informed and coordinated approach to the future development of the FBH was necessary.

Through stakeholder and community engagement, research, and analysis, the FBH Development Plan will guide the future development of the Fishing Boat Harbour, while also supporting the implementation of the Port Maximisation Project (PMaxP), ensuring that the Port of Geraldton can increase its capacity and remain a gateway to trade and tourism for the Mid West.

This plan will benefit businesses and industries within the FBH and contribute to the overall economic and industry growth and development of the region.

This plan includes expansion of the area to accommodate more businesses, segregation of land uses through zoning, and the creation of a tourism precinct to better serve port users and the general public.

MWPA is committed to collaborating with stakeholders and the Mid West community to ensure the successful implementation of the FBH Development Plan.

The FBH is a vital hub for industry growth and development, providing essential services to recreational and commercial vessels and marine-focused businesses such as boat building and servicing, seafood processing, retail, and tourism.

FBH Development Plan

FBH Development Guidelines