Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling

Preliminary CFD modelling is one of the key analysis methods widely used by both architects and civil engineers to identify the effects of and manage extreme wind loads on structures.

Simply, wind simulation scenarios are digitally conducted to identify how wind moves through structures, where the pinch points are, and what solutions can be applied to reduce effects or provide a solution to an identified problem.

Below is an image of CFD Modelling undertaken at the Port in early 2022.  A birds-eye perspective shows yellow as structures and the wind (scale shown on the right) from blue (low winds) to red (high winds).

3D Lidar Scan of the Port

To assist in gaining a greater understanding of how wind moves through the Port,  MWPA undertook a 3D Lidar scan of the Port, which will provide the modellers data to forecast all wind directions through the Port, which in turn will provide a model of dust dispersion patterns from known sources.