Marine Terrace Roundabout

Marine Terrace is a significant thoroughfare that services the needs of local road users, pedestrians, cyclists and port customers. It provides a vital link between the Geraldton CBD and the city’s west end.

Maintaining safe and efficient vehicle movement in and around the port while mitigating impacts to the local traffic is an important consideration to MWPA and wider port planning initiatives.

Integral to our operations is maintaining the balance between the continued development of a sustainable world-class port, while sustaining safe travel of road users that interact with port operations. 

Why is MWPA undertaking this project?

Due to a projected increase in trade and subsequent increase in vehicle movements over coming years the intersection located on Marine Terrace (at the entrance to CBH) was identified as requiring improvement to adequately service the future needs of road users a the Port.

The key objectives of the Marine Terrace Roundabout Project are to:

  •  Ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and other users and commuters by the construction of a new shared path;
  •  Improve traffic flow and the safety of road users generally and provision of new signage and drainage and speed limiting benefits in the form of a roundabout;
  •  Upgrade the road surface, kerbing and fencing and improve the general aesthetics and amenity of the area;
  •  Provide modern paving of raised strips and roundabout; and
  •  Provide safe and reliable trucking operations at the Port, given the frequent movement of CBH trucks in the area and diversion of CBH trucks onto the CBH slip road.

Current Status

Works are complete and site operational, undergrounding of the overhead powerlines has removed the risk of inadvertent interaction involving vehicles and powerlines. A reduction in vehicle speeds through the site has contributed to better safety outcomes for all road users accessing the site. The Port continues to monitor the performance of the roundabout and will consider continuous improvement solutions which enhance the safety of the site.