Port of Geraldton over the years

The Port of Geraldton has existed for over 180 years, since 1840 when the first ship, HMS Champion, first anchored off our coast.

In 2019, the governing body of the Port of Geraldton, the Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) is celebrating 50 years as a Port Authority. You can read more about the history of Geraldton Port here.

These rare and unique photos illustrate the changes and development of the Port of Geraldton over the years.

Port of Geraldton Aerial Photo 1942 vs 2019

These aerial photos illustrate the change of coastline on our peninsula, with the southern side around Grays beach shrinking while the northern side around Pages beach growing.

Original Image 1942
Modified Image 2019

Both photos © Mid West Ports Authority

Port of Geraldton 1966 vs 2018

Dramatic development during the 1960s and 1970s brought on line new berthing facilities in Berth 3 and a Fishing Boat Harbour was added in 1963. Construction of Berth 4 commenced in May 1964 and the first shipment of iron ore from Western Australia was loaded from Berth 4 in March 1966.

Original Image 1966
Modified Image 2018

MWPA Admin Building 1971 vs 2019

The Geraldton Administration building located at 298 Marine Terrace was built during the early 1970s, and later extended in the 1990s.

Original Image 1971
Modified Image 2019

Berth 5 1989 vs 2019

Berth 5 was constructed in 1975, and later upgraded in 2003 as part of the Port Enhancement Project. In 2004 iron ore began exporting through Berth 4 for the first time since 1975.

Original Image 1989
Modified Image 2019

Berth 1/2 1990 vs 2019

Construction on Berths 1 and 2 began in 1928 and have served Geraldton for over 90 years.

In this photo you can see the old rail lines were still visible in the 90s, which are now no longer visible.

Original Image 1990
Modified Image 2019

Eastern Breakwater/Foreshore 1972 vs 2019

Back in 1972, what we now know as the Eastern Breakwater and the foreshore looked drastically different!

Original Image 1972
Modified Image 2019

Harbour Master's Cottage / MWPA Admin building 1960 vs 2019

The location of the Main Admin building at 298 Marine Terrace used to be the premises of the Harbourmaster. The building was demolished in the '70's to make way for the admin building construction.

Original Image 1960
Modified Image 2019

Geraldton Foreshore 1930 vs 2019

The Geraldton foreshore coastline has developed from a primarily industrial focus, to a beautiful recreational coastline in symbiosis with the adjacent port.

Original Image 1930
Modified Image 2019

2019 photo © Josh Miles