Mid West Ports Authority Induction – Working in the Port

  • Step 1: Complete the MWPA Induction
  • Step 2: If working in the Bulk Handling Facility (BHF) of the Geraldton Port, a separate Site-Specific Induction Walk Around must be completed prior to commencement of work.  This induction is conducted every Monday at 10.30 a.m. commencing at Berth 5 Meeting Room. To make arrangements, please contact the Operations Supervisor on ops@midwestports.com.au.  No bookings will be accepted after midday on the Friday prior.

Access to the Port Secure Zone

If you have a valid MSIC, but not specific to Geraldton, you will be required to complete Form MAR-PRO-003/FRM01 Application for Access to Mid West Ports Authority with MSIC from Another Issuing Body (which is available under the ‘Port Security’ tab).  The completed forms can be submitted via email OR by contacting the MSIC Officer to arrange a time to submit in person.  MSIC Office email msic@midwestports.com.au or 9964 0582.

If you do not hold a valid MSIC and you are required to access the Port Secure Zone, you must complete the MWPA Induction and be escorted by a valid MISC holder. The MSIC holder escorting you is responsible for the period designated on the visitor’s pass. You must carry photo identification (e.g. age proof card, driver’s licence or passport) with you for the duration of the visit.

Visitor’s passes can be obtained from the Security Gatehouse at Gate 1 (Ian Bogle Road). The Security Guard contact number is 0448 939 008.

Whilst accessing the secured zone, please ensure that you adhere to the MAR-PRO-003 Geraldton Port Security Zone Access Procedure as stipulated.

The MWPA Induction is valid for 2 years, at which time a renewal notification will be sent.

By completing this induction and gaining access to the Geraldton Port, I declare I understand my obligation to adhere to MWPA procedures and guidelines and that failure to comply may result in access being denied.


(Please enter a valid email address when registering that you are able to access now as you will be emailed a login link)

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System Requirements

  • PC or mobile device with web browser

If you have any problems with your self-registration and completing the induction please contact one of the following during business hours: