Community Led Consultation at the Port

Published: Monday, 13 May 2024 at 3:34:31 PM

Mid West Ports is pleased to announce it has appointed its inaugural community chairperson of its Community Consultation Committee, Mr Ron Hayward.

Mr Hayward is a lifelong Mid West resident with extensive experience in local business and community engagement, bringing invaluable insights and a deep understanding of the region's needs to this role.

In Mr Hayward’s previous capacities as a local real estate business owner, and manager of the Geraldton Visitors Centre, he has demonstrated his commitment to serving the community and fostering positive growth in the region. Additionally, his active involvement as the Men’s Captain at Spalding Park Golf Club and his role in the 11th Battalion Living History Unit further exemplify his dedication to community development and engagement.

Mid West Ports CEO Damian Tully stated, "We are thrilled to welcome Ron Hayward as the inaugural community Chair of the Mid West Ports Community Consultation Committee.  His deep-rooted connections within the community and his wealth of experience make him an ideal candidate for this position."

Chair of Mid West Ports Authority, Mr. Noel Hart, also conveyed his support for Mr. Hayward, "Ron's commitment to our community and his understanding of the intricacies of business and tourism make him a valuable asset to the Mid West Ports Community Consultation Committee.

“We acknowledge the importance of community involvement in shaping the future of port operations and look forward to collaborating with him to ensure that the transition from a Mid West Ports-led committee to a community-led committee is seamless and productive," Mr Hart added.

As the newly appointed Chair, Mr Hayward will play a pivotal role in facilitating dialogue between Mid West Ports and the local community, ensuring that the interests and concerns of residents are effectively addressed in port development initiatives.

Mr Hayward said “Community has been the focus throughout my life.  As Chair of the Community Consultative Committee I aim to identify opportunities for our community to be more involved and informed with port operations”. 

Mid West Ports is confident that Mr. Hayward's leadership will enhance community engagement efforts and foster a collaborative approach to port operations that benefits all stakeholders.

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