Important information for MSIC holders operating at Mid West Ports

Published: Saturday, 1 July 2017 at 12:36:51 AM

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development have brought in new MSIC identity verification requirements to commence on 1 August 2017.

New Identification Requirements

This will mean that when applying for an MSIC, applicants will need to verify their identity to the Issuing Body (i.e. MWPA). To do this, they will need to present their original identification documents in person to the MSIC Issuing Officer.

Identification Documents

MSIC Information BookletCategory A: Start of your identity in Australia
e.g. Australian birth certificate, visa, citizenship certificate.

Category B: Your identity linked by photo and signature
e.g. driver licence, passport, proof of age card, high risk licence, trade certificate.

Category C: Evidence of your identity within the community
e.g. Medicare card, MSIC, credit card, marriage certificate.

Category D: Your current residential address if not on your drivers licence
e.g. utility bill, rates notice, lease agreement, bank statement.

I already have an MSIC. Do these changes affect me?

All applications will require the original documents, even renewals. The application forms remain unchanged.

Letter of Operational Need

The ‘letter of operational need’ must contain relevant details regarding the applicant including:

  • Their occupation;
  • The reason they need access into the secure zone;
  • Payment, by whom and the method, i.e. purchase order, corporate credit card;
  • Duration specified, i.e. two (2) or four (4) years; and
  • Signed by an authorised officer of the company.

People born in New Zealand

Another change that may affect some employers is that people born in New Zealand could obtain an MSIC by producing their birth certificate or passport. This is no longer the case. They will now need to produce a visa. It is suggested that they begin that process through the Department of Immigration well in advance of them requiring an MSIC, new or otherwise.

Do you have more questions about your MSIC?

If you have any further questions, we refer you to the MSIC - Information for cardholders and applicants document below, and the Department of Infrastructure:

MSIC - Information for cardholders and applicants

Department of Infrastructure’s website

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