Barkly Pearl update

Published: Friday, 1 January 2021 at 3:26:52 PM

MWPA advises that final approvals have been received by AMSA for the heavy lift operation of the Barkly Pearl on to the vessel, Falcon.

Weather permitting, the Barkly Pearl will be scheduled to leave Port waters late this evening (01/01/21) or in the early hours of tomorrow morning (02/01/21) to be transferred on to the heavy lift vessel in deep water.

A location for the heavy lift loading operation has been selected on the north-east side of the Abrolhos Islands, which provides protection from heavy ocean conditions, has a sandy seabed and is identified as low-risk for the marine environment in the location.

DPIRD will be monitoring this operation when it takes place.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has worked with the vessel owners and operators to ensure the vessel and crew can safely depart Australian waters.

MWPA Acting CEO, Damian Tully said “MWPA would like to wish all the crew aboard the Barkly Pearl a safe journey”.

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