COVID - 19 Update 23 March

Published: Monday, 23 March 2020 at 11:10:51 AM

MWPA updat

Business as unusual

In this fluidly changing environment, we are having to adapt, and adapt fast.  Our Business Continuity and Emergency Plans are both in effect with programs being implemented at a rapid rate.

One of the next steps for MWPA has been to implement split, rotating shifts across our operations.  Socially distancing our workers, reducing cross-contamination and taking every precaution we can to reduce the potential infection impacts on our workforce, our operations, and the community.

This social isolation measure is being rolled out immediately.

What hasn't changed is our commitment to our operations and the servicing of our stakeholders.  MWPA has not stood down any employees or services.  We continue our operations at all levels, albeit with heightened health practices in place, and in some instances, from different locations.

Please bare with us while we adjust to this new world!  We thank you for your understanding during this situation  #practicekindness #flattenthecurve

Ways to support local business

We are encouraging, wherever possible to support our local businesses through this time, so when we come out the other end we can rebuild our vibrant community.  Not only that, but local business through no fault of their own are doing it tough.  Really tough. 

If you're in a position to buy a take-away meal, maintain your gym or kids sporting subscription, or even commence buying your Christmas presents (!!), please do!  If you're unsure how you can help a business or a person, ask. 

Together we can get through this.  Together we can support each other.  Together we are strong. #shoplocal 

Supporting local business

Social distancing & what we can do.

The practice of social distancing is important.  It is the most important factor we can control in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mid West Ports is taking social distancing very seriously and as such has implemented the following protocols;

  1. All external meetings conducted via teleconferencing;
  2. Limiting numbers of all internal in-person meetings and using technology where possible;
  3. Offices closed to the general public to reduce exposure;
  4. Split, and rotating shifts across our operations to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and support business continuity;
  5. Encouraging improved hygiene through the supply of wash stations, hand sanitizer and face masks to all employees;
  6. Increased and heightened cleaning schedule of all work places;
  7. Any employee feeling or presenting unwell are sent home; and
  8. Inter and intra state travel only where critical.

Social distancing

All ships entering our port, including cruise ships;

  1. Have their passengers and crew screened by our Marine Team, regardless of if they have been screened by another port or company;
  2. Are to have no crew or passengers to have travelled to international ports in the 14 days prior (COVID-19 incubation period) to the ships arrival to Geraldton;
  3. Are required to complete and submit a Health Report by the ships master which is assessed by Biosecurity prior to accepting their request to berth in Geraldton; and
  4. Our pilots will only board a ship once the all clear is given by our Marine Team.  Once on board, if our Pilots detect any health concerns they have authority to return the ship to anchor for further investigation.  Emergency procedures in place are implemented immediately to reduce exposure of any illness to our Pilots, and immediate notification to State Government will occur.  To date this has not occurred.

Ships entering our Port

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