COVID - 19 Update 31 March

Published: Tuesday, 31 March 2020 at 12:20:51 PM

MWPA Update

Moving targets

How things change in a week!  Tomorrow will see the introduction of only essential travel across regional boundaries, with the state borders having closed just last week. 

This may have some impact on our planned projects, however will have no impact on our ability to continue to operate our essential service as a supply chain enabler to the region, and Australia.

In addition, all personnel on port (employees or contractors) are now required to submit an Employee Health Declaration Form (updated weekly), and contractors have provided copies of their infection diseases management plan and business continuity plans.

This requirement is just another measure MWPA is taking to limit the exposure and risk of COVID-19 to our workforce, and yours.

As the situation evolves, we endeavour to keep you involved and informed.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this time  #practicekindness #flattenthecurve

Staying connected 

Staying connected while we are Physical Distancing is a whole new ball game for our organisation.  

With a workforce which spans generations, technical abilities and now locations, we are constantly evaluating the best communication channels to reach our people.  This situation has most definitely bought that to the forefront.

Here are some of the approaches we are taking;

  • Skype for Business for video conference calls and messaging;
  • Microsoft Teams for project tracking, conversations, team video meetings and employee engagement activities;
  • Closed Facebook Group for employees to connect socially and create employee engagement opportunities;
  • Regular emails to our employees to keep them informed and abreast of changes;
  • CEO video messages to staff via text;
  • Posters on health, hygiene and general communications displayed in our common areas;
  • Introduction of Virtual Events as opportunities to connect and engage socially; and
  • Limited in-person (socially distanced) meetings with our on port employees to keep them informed of changes and updates.

What has your organisation implemented that you feel is making a difference for your employee engagement?  We would love to hear your ideas!

Staying connected

The outbreak of COVID-19 presents new challenges and a need to adapt that most of us haven’t experienced before. As a result, you may start to notice some of your colleagues, friends or family reacting in different ways or becoming a little more anxious than they usually are. Here is 10 Tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19

Cruise ships

All ships entering our port, including cruise ships;

  1. Have their passengers and crew vetted by our Marine Team, regardless of if they have been vetted by another port or company;
  2. Have no crew or passengers who have travelled to international ports in the 14 days prior (COVID-19 incubation period) to the ships arrival to Geraldton;
  3. Are required to complete and submit a government required mandatory Health Report by the ship's master which is assessed by Biosecurity prior to accepting their request to berth in Geraldton.  This is supplemented by a health declaration submitted by the master of each vessel, stating the crew's health, which is also part of the port's vetting process; and

Our pilots will only board a ship once the all clear is given by our Marine Team.  The pilots are also required to declare their health to vessel masters prior to boarding.  Once on board, if our Pilots detect any health concerns they have authority to return the ship to anchor for further investigation. 

Emergency procedures in place are implemented immediately to reduce exposure of any illness to our Pilots, and immediate notification to State Government will occur.  To date this has not occurred.

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