International Workers’ Day

Published: Thursday, 30 April 2020 at 2:17:58 PM


Ships horns to sound for seafarers

Ships in ports around the world will sound their horns at 12 noon local time on Friday to celebrate and recognise the 1.2 million seafarers that are currently working to ensure that food, fuel and supplies continue to flow to the populations, and reinforcing ports as key economic drivers around the globe.

1st May is recognised in many countries around the world as International Workers’ Day, Workers’ Day, Labour Day or May Day.

This is a day which is used to celebrate and recognise the contribution made by workers across the world.

The sounding of horns from ships in ports recognises that seafarers and their contribution is not forgotten.

Minister for Ports, Alannah MacTiernan said “in these times of uncertainty and change it is pertinent to acknowledge the contribution made by seafarers around the world. Here in WA, our ports and their workers play a key and important role in our economic recovery as supply chain enablers”.

Mid West Ports Authority CEO, Dr Rochelle Macdonald said “to recognise those that work so hard to keep our country in supplies and the economy moving, most especially during this global pandemic, is a privilege. It will be really wonderful to hear the ships sound their horns at midday on Friday in their honour”.

At 12 noon WST, Friday 1st of May ships captains in Geraldton Port have been requested to sound their horn in honour of seafarers.

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