Managing the impact on our environment for a sustainable future

Published: Tuesday, 13 August 2019 at 9:44:01 AM

Caption: A dust monitoring station located near the Port of Geraldton

As trade continues to grow through the Port of Geraldton, the careful management of dust emissions remains a crucial pillar in the future sustainability of our operations.

Over 16 million tonnes is exported annually through the Port of Geraldton – with minerals accounting for 80 per cent of total trade.

To ensure a strong future for the Geraldton community and industry that supports it, Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) continue to make improvements to our emission monitoring and management.

MWPA Sustainability Manger Kylie Reynolds said one major advancement had been the addition of Envirosuite – a software package that allows MWPA to see real-time data on environmental indicators.

“We’re able to see real-time monitoring of dust levels and meteorological data, including wind direction and temperature," she said.

“We are sent alerts if our levels change - allowing us to respond quickly to determine the source of any emissions and adjust our operations as required.”

In addition to the software, six new monitors were placed in the Port of Geraldton’s bulk mineral storage area, the Geraldton Fishing Boat Harbour and along berths 3 and 4.

With the new data, MWPA have been able to analyse trends in air our quality management.

Ms Reynolds said this information has now been able to be shared with Port stakeholders.

“It’s exciting that we’ve been able to turn this data into meaningful information"

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