MWPA complete successful Medivac

Published: Monday, 12 March 2018 at 3:17:31 PM

Port assists in successful Medivac The MWPA completed a successful Medivac of an injured crew member aboard an Australian Border Force vessel

The Mid West Ports Authority have been commended for their efforts in the successful Medivac of an injured crew member aboard an Australian Border Force vessel on Saturday.

Ship Scheduler Aimee Meehan was contacted with a request to assist with the Medivac of an injured crew member aboard the 58m Australian Border Force patrol vessel Cape Sorell. 

The vessel was in transit to Fremantle when a crew member slipped on a wet floor of the bridge and was believed to have fractured their tibia.  

With conditions expected to deteriorate in the vessel’s location north west of the Abrolhos Islands, MWPA Marine Pilot Shannon Nicholson said staff jumped in to action to support a swift and efficient Medivac.

“Our Ship Scheduler Aimee Meehan researched all relevant details of the vessel and began to organize logistical support to accommodate her arrival,” he said.

“Security personnel, the on-duty Wharf Supervisor, Pilot Boat Skippers and Pilots were all called to assist while our Wharf Supervisor Damien Healy arranged for Moorers to attend and CBH personnel to move the ship loaders on berth 3.

“He also liaised with the Pilots to determine the most appropriate berthing position for the vessel, mooring and gangway arrangements and ensured an iron ore train, due to arrive at the same time, was unloaded in a way not to obstruct the preferred gate for the ambulance.

“The security guard then escorted the ambulance to the vessel and the crew of the Cape Sorell worked together with the Moorers and Pilot Boat crew to secure a safe gangway and eventually escort the patient to the hospital.”

Thanks to the efforts of the MWPA, the operation took just over an hour before the vessel could return en route to Fremantle.

Mrs Meehan said the Port was often called on to assist in this type of emergency.

“This has happened previously and being a big port in our location, we’re a likely target for people stopping in,” she said.

“No matter what, it’s something we’re always able to assist in because we have a fantastic marine team and pilots.

“It’s never an issue to get everyone on the move and our efforts on Saturday are another example of all levels of the MWPA working together as a fantastic team.”

The Captain of the Cape Sorell thanked the Port and commended the personnel involved for the efficient and successful operation.

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