Port Tour Day

Published: Monday, 2 July 2018 at 4:29:42 PM

Community enjoy Port Tour DayCheer and Dance Intensity perform for patrons

Mid West Ports Authority hosted the Geraldton Port Tour Day in June, giving the community a first-hand look at an operational port.

More than 400 people booked on for a tour, while a further 600 came down to enjoy the festivities in Shepherd’s Park.

MWPA Chief Executive Officer Steve Lewis said the feedback from the community had been extremely positive.

“We received nothing but positive feedback from those who got off the tours and I think that had a lot to do with our guides,” she said.

“Geoff Mackin, Ric Randall and Mike McQuie all volunteered their time and people were blown away at just how informative and entertaining they were.

“The community have a real interest in learning about our operations.”

Families were also able to enjoy the waiting zone in Shepherd’s Park before their tours, featuring food, live music, entertainment and lots of kids activities.

The Greenough Wildlife Park was a huge hit, with patrons able to hear a kookaburra sing on demand or have a cuddle with a snake.

Mr Lewis said it was a great day, but wouldn’t of been possible without the hard work of many.

“It was fantastic but only made that way by several MWPA staff and volunteers,” she said.

“Without their work leading up to the event and on the day, it wouldn’t of been possible.”

MWPA are now awaiting the results of a community survey seeking feedback on the event.

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