The STS Leeuwin arrives

Published: Tuesday, 24 April 2018 at 1:26:45 PM

Sail training ship arrives

The STS Leeuwin II has berthed in Geraldton Port after returning from the week-long Youth Explorer VoyageLeeuwin arrives at Geraldton Port .

The tall ship arrived in Geraldton last Monday having sailed along the WA coastline all the way from Fremantle.

Under the guidance of ship captain Sarah Robinson and a number of volunteers, the group of trainees aged 14 to 25 years-old spent the week learning the ropes of sailing and navigation.

Captain Robinson, who’s been at sea for 20 years, said it was a fantastic voyage.

“We’ve brought 45 people up from Fremantle and on our way we managed to stop in for a night at the Abrolhos Islands and then made our way in here,” she said. 

“Kids these days are often sitting behind their TV screens and iPads and, I think the Leeuwin gives them a great chance to get away from all that and get out to sea and challenge themselves.”

She also said the crew had been enjoying their stay in Geraldton.

“We had a few great night’s sleep here and the crew were able to get off and have a bit of a look around. The staff at the Port have gone above and beyond to help us out and it’s always a pleasure stopping in here.”

The ship left Geraldton on Saturday morning with a new group of trainees who will now sail to Shark Bay.

The Leeuwin is due to return to Geraldton for another visit later this year.


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