Safety reminder for “Lives beach”

Published: Friday, 18 January 2019 at 9:51:30 AM

"Lives Beach" contains several risks 

The Geraldton community are being urged to be mindful of their safety in the area nicknamed “Lives Beach” inside the Geraldton Fishing Boat Harbour (FBH)."Lives Beach"

Mid West Ports Authority have observed an increased number of visitors frequenting the small beach near the breakwater of the FBH.

MWPA Chief Executive Officer Dr Rochelle Macdonald said the area is an industrial zone and has hazards visitors may not be aware of.

“The area being referred to as “Lives Beach” is actually located right in the middle of an industrial zone,” she said.

“Not only are there numerous trucking and machinery movements adjacent to the beach, the shipping channel into the FBH also has a high volume of vessels transiting, who may not be aware of the presence of swimmers.

“The safety of our community is paramount and as such we would encourage the community to avoid using the area and enjoy the other amazing beaches we have in Geraldton.”

MWPA regularly undertakes hydrographic surveys of all operational areas of the Port and has identified an increase in the accumulation of sand near the FBH entrance since 2016.

The area is also the location of the seawater intake line used by the aquaculture industries within the FBH.

MWPA has identified the reinstatement of these lines as a priority.

Dr Macdonald said studies are underway to understand why the rate of sand accumulation has increased in recent years and what is happening with regard to sand movements along our coastline.

“We are also seeing areas of erosion to the south of the Port, so it is evident that there have been dynamic changes to the coastal processes in recent years,” she said.

“We are working with the City of Greater Geraldton to explore how the sand could be put to good use in programs similar to the Geraldton Foreshore Enhancement Project.”

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