Electricity, Water & Waste


Ships power is available at all berths.

Berth 4 electricity supply (West End Only)

  • Three phase 440 volts AC 50 Hertz & Single Phase 250 volts AC 50 Hertz
  • Berth and access lighting is provided throughout the wharf area


Fresh water is available at all berths except Berth 7.

Reception Facilities and Waste Disposal Guidelines

Discharge of waste into the marine environment is, in most cases, either prohibited or requires written permission from MWPA.  Discharge of waste ashore is subject to strict Biosecurity requirements as determined by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and is only permitted by a licensed waste contractor.

MWPA provides “Biosecurity Controlled (Quarantine)” waste receptacles for garbage including plastic and food waste. Agents can make arrangements directly with local waste management companies to arrange collection of any hazardous or liquid wastes.

The following table provides a guide to waste discharge within Port Waters.


Oil, oily water mixtures (controlled waste)

No discharge permitted

MARPOL (Annex I), Pollution of Waters by Oil and Noxious Substances Act 1987

Garbage - Plastics

No discharge permitted

MARPOL (Annex V), Marine Notice 2022/01

Garbage – Cargo residue / deck washing

No discharge permitted within Port Waters

Beyond 10NM comply with MARPOL (Annex V), Marine Notice 2022/01

Garbage – Food waste

No discharge permitted within Port Waters

Beyond 10NM comply with MARPOL (Annex V), Marine Notice 2022/01

Garbage - Other

No discharge permitted

MARPOL (Annex V), Marine Notice 2022/01


No discharge permitted

MARPOL (Annex V), Marine Notice 2022/01


No discharge permitted

MARPOL (Annex V), Marine Notice 2022/01

Air pollution - Incinerator

Use of Incinerators is prohibited within the Commercial Harbour

Certain substances are prohibited for incineration. Please refer to Regulation 16 of MARPOL Annex VI

Port Authorities Regulations 2001

Environmental Protection (Unauthorised Discharges) Regulations 2004 


Air pollution – Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

All shipboard emission to comply with the latest revised MARPOL Annex VI

MARPOL (VI) Marine Notice 2022/01

Ballast water

Discharge permitted only if carried out in accordance with Australian Ballast Water Management Requirements

Biosecurity Act 2015

IMO Ballast Water Convention

Black Water - Sewage

No discharge permitted within Port Waters.

Beyond 3NM Approved Sewage Treatment Plant can be used as per MARPOL Annex IV Regulation 11.1.2

Ships visiting the Port of Geraldton waters that are not equipped with an approved sewage treatment plant must retain sewage on board in a suitable holding tank in accordance with the requirements of AMSA Marine Order 96: Marine Pollution Prevention – Sewage 2018 - Division 2 section 7(c)


Environmental Protection (Unauthorised Discharges) Regulations 2004

Port Authorities Regulations 2001 (Reg 17)

Grey Water - Waste waters (other than sewage) from the sinks, showers, galleys, laundry

No discharge permitted within Commercial Harbour

Environmental Protection Act 1986

Port Authorities Regulations 2001 (Reg 17)

Other Controlled Waste

No discharge permitted



Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004


Any activity that has the potential to disturb or dislodge biofouling on a ship and / or the ship's antifoul coating is prohibited within Port Waters. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

  • In-water hull cleaning
  • Cleaning of internal seawater systems (including sea-chests and engine cooling pipes)
  • Propeller ‘polishing’ (cleaning)

Biosecurity Act 2015

Port Authorities Regulations 2001

Marine Notice 2022/01