Port Security

The Mid West Ports Authority is a security regulated port as set out in the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act (MTOFSA) 2003.

Maritime Security Threat Levels

The Port is currently operating at security level 1

  • Level 1 - The default level at which ships, ports and offshore facilities normally operate.
  • Level 2 - Applies while there is a heightened risk of a security incident.
  • Level 3 - Applies when there is a probable or imminent risk of a security incident, even though it may be not possible to identify the specific target.

Notification of a Change in Maritime Security Alert Level (MARSEC)

Masters of ships within Geraldton Port will be notified of any change to the level of security alert a broadcast message to shipping. Information will also be posted on this website.

At MARSEC Level 1 the Mid West Ports Authority has established a land-side and water-side restricted zone. The interface between the Port berths and its waters has been completely secured with fencing and is only accessible to authorised personnel with an access swipe card facility through the security gatehouse located on the road connecting Graham Road and Reg Clarke Road.

Personnel with an operational need to access the secured zone must have a current MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card) and complete a Mid West Ports Authority HSEQ and Security Online Induction (valid for three years). Unauthorised access to restricted zones is an offence under MTOFSA and severe penalties apply.

Compliance with these international obligations secures our critical international trade links, with the Geraldton Port providing significant direct economic benefit to the region, facilitating exceeding $1 billion in trade annually.

Mid West Ports Authority's Port Security Officers

  • Damian Tully - Port Security Officer
  • Stan Corneille - Deputy Port Security Officer
  • Phil Patience - Deputy Port Security Officer
  • Damien Healy - Deputy Port Security Officer
  • Harrison Francis - Deputy Port Security Officer
  • Phil Turner - Deputy Port Security Officer
Port Security Duty Officer: (08) 9964 0510

Port Security Plan (3 pages)

Security Procedures

MAR-PRO-002 Maritime Security Identification Card

MAR-PRO-003 MWPA Security Zone Access

MAR-PRO-006 Security Fencing - Geraldton Port

For further information please contact Port Security Officer pso@midwestports.com.au or telephone (08) 9964 0566.

Operators or other stakeholders in the port, as well as operators of Australian or foreign registered ships who are unsure of their obligations under MTOFSA, should seek advice from the Transport Security – Home Affairs (Aviation and Maritime Security Division):

Phone from in Australia:

1300 791 581

Phone from outside of Australia: +61 2 5127 8991
Website: www.homeaffairs.gov.au

Port Security Links

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Transport Security – Home Affairs (Aviation and Maritime Security Division)