MWPA Social Media Terms of Usage

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Mid West Ports Authority social media pages. We look forward to connecting with you – but we do have a few Guidelines to follow if you’d like to contribute to our pages.

We do encourage open discussion, but Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn  isn’t a formal communication channel for the MWPA and we can not respond to everything. If you require an urgent response, feel free to visit, call, write or email us.

When interacting with this page, we request that you:

  • use the space to contribute positively;
  • contact us “offline” for serious matters or for a response;
  • exercise common sense and courtesy;
  • do not post your personal contact details;
  • do not post advertising material or solicitations; and
  • adhere to the relevant sites guidelines.

All secondary comments to this page are not representative of the opinions of MWPA, nor do we make any warranty to their accuracy.

We will make all attempts to immediately remove comments which contravene these guidelines and the Australian Association of National Advertiser’s (AANA) Code of Ethics.

Any posts or comments made on MWPA pages may be removed at any time without notice. We won’t remove content simply because we don’t like it – but we will act swiftly to protect the privacy and rights of any individual or group.

Any comments which specifically identify or refer to individuals in a negative manner, including our employees, will be removed.

Posts may also be deleted – at our absolute discretion – if they contain:

  • any discussion or promotion of behaviour that is unlawful;
  • inappropriate, violent, obscene, profane, hateful, derogatory, racist or sexist language, content or links;
  • threatening, harassing, bullying, discriminatory language, content or links;
  • content or links that infringe copyright;
  • comments that threaten or defame any person or organisation;
  • information that may compromise the public’s safety or security;
  • solicitations, advertisements or endorsements; spam or nuisance posts;
  • multiple successive off-topic posts by a single user or any repetitive posts; and
  • any other inappropriate comments or content as determined by us.

Please note that by ‘liking’ this page you acknowledge all the above Guidelines and that you may be blocked from this page if in breach.

To discuss the removal of a previous post, request a current post be removed or for any other matters related to these Guidelines please contact our Communications department on 08 9964 0533 or email [email protected]

Thanks for your interest and happy posting.