Port quarantines Coronavirus risk

Published: Thursday, 6 February 2020 at 4:02:46 PM

MWPA manages Coronavirus risk

Whilst authorities have advised that Geraldton is at the lower end of the risk spectrum with reference to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) takes this risk and its potential impacts on our staff, stakeholders and the Mid West community very seriously.

In addition to the Department of Agriculture (Biosecurity) measures and actions, MWPA is implementing procedures over and above these requirements. 

We are actively vetting people arriving into Port, screening those who have travelled through, or from high risk regions ie mainland China, and enforcing a 14 day incubation period with no crew or passengers disembarking from ships during this time.

Shipping Agents and Masters have and continue to be very cooperative with screening processes and the provision of information to ensure the risk profile for Geraldton and the Mid West region remains low.

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