Mid West Ports Authority Annual Reports

2022/23 Annual Report

Mid West Ports Authority continued to see strong demand for use of its port infrastructure and services during 2022/23, experiencing its third consecutive year of growth; up 1 million tonne (MT) on 2021/22 from 16.4MT to 17.4MT for 2022/23.

MWPA welcomed a number of new exporters during 2022/23 including Triangle Energy’s (ASX:TEG) crude oil, Gold Valley Resources’ iron ore, Strandline’s (ASX:STA) mineral sands, and Abra’s metal concentrates.

As MWPA approaches its largest annual throughput we look to the future, ensuring the Port of Geraldton is in a position to continue to facilitate increased trade demand from the region. In May 2022, the WA State Government committed to investing $350M in the Port Maximisation Project (PMaxP); a development project of multi-user, multiproduct infrastructure at the Port. PMaxP commenced in September 2022, with the appointment of BG&E Resources as Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) contractors.

BG&E Resources, a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy based in Perth, is responsible for the detailed design of the project and the supervision, management, and coordination of construction. Detailed design is now well underway with MWPA currently evaluating designs relating to wharf, storage, material handling, and marine infrastructure.

Embedding sustainability across port operations continues to be a key focus. During 2022/23, we reaffirmed this commitment by voluntarily submitting to undertake a Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Infrastructure Assessment to better understand our current performance and future opportunities.

In 2023/24, we have committed to structuring the MWPA’s Statement of Corporate Intent (SCI), a formal Government document outlining the objectives for the Port for the ensuing year, as our Sustainability Strategy and Implementation Plan. The Annual Report is required to report on the deliverables in the SCI, thus ensuring there is considerable accountability toward our sustainability commitment. For the second year running we have structured our Annual Report around MWPA’s three sustainability pillars of People, Planet and Prosperity.

Noel Hart, Chair
Damian Tully, CEO

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