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Maintenance Dredging

Maintenance dredging removes naturally accumulated sediment from within the Port’s harbour and navigational channel to return it to its original design depth, and differs to capital dredging, which involves enlarging or deepening navigation channels.

Maintaining safe and efficient navigation is vital to supporting national and international trade, economic development in the Mid West region and its continued connection to global markets.

Integral to our operations is maintaining the balance between the continued development of a sustainable world-class Port, while protecting the unique marine and coastal environment in which we operate. 

Why does MWPA need to dredge?

The commercial harbour and channel is a critical piece of infrastructure that supports regional industries such as agriculture, mining, transport and logistics, as well as tourism.

Left unmanaged, our port’s capability would be significantly reduced, with the flow on effect impacting local businesses and our community.

Public information package 

This document provides a high-level overview of dredging at the Port of Geraldton, describing the importance of maintaining dredging activities and the process MWPA used to plan, assess and manage the project. This document is designed for community members and interested parties seeking to understand more.

   Public Information Package    

2022 FBH Maintenance Dredging

MWPA is undertaking maintenance dredging at the Fishing Boat Harbour (FBH) entrance and its surrounds, to remove accumulated sediments and maintain safe navigable depths into the FBH.  Approximately 30,000m3 of material is proposed to be removed and beneficially re-used.

MWPA started dredging the FBH entrance in early September, with the project likely to take 6 to 8 weeks to complete, dependant on weather.

As management reports and technical plans become available, we will upload them to this page for public access.

2022 FBH Maintenance Dredging Fact Sheet

Environmental Impact Assessments and Management Plans

Environmental Impact Assessment

   Environmental Impact Assessment   

Environmental Management Plan

   Dredging Environmental Management Plan   

Technical appendices 

Post-Dredge Water Quality Report

Post-Dredge Benthic Communities and Habitats Report

2021 Maintenance Dredging

In late 2021, MWPA undertook maintenance dredging activities within Port waters to remove accumulated sediments from the Commercial Harbour and Main Shipping Channel.   Approximately 140,000m3 of material was successfully removed from navigable areas, mainly the shipping channel. 

MWPA will continue to monitor the surrounding environment, including monitoring of our seagrass habitats, over the next two years. 

Environmental Impact Assessments and Management Plans